locked out

Most of us at some point will have the experience of being locked out of a property. Being locked out can be a very stressful experience, particularly after a long hard day at work and you arrive home only to find that you have lost your keys! Luckily help is never far away, a quick call to your local locksmith will have you back in your property in no time, without causing any damage to the existing lock or door and even supply and fit a new lock with a new set of keys if necessary.

Below is a helpful guide put together by our team at Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd that explains exactly what you should do if you ever find yourself in a lock out situation.

Other Points of Entry

Have a quick look around your property to see if there is another point of entry you can use to get inside your property, an unlocked back door or open ground floor window if it is safe to climb through. If you can get into your property, then half the battle is over you can then concentrate on retracing your steps to try and locate your keys. If you can’t find your keys or fear they may have been stolen, then you need to contact your local locksmith as soon as possible to come and change the locks so your property remains secure. Also if you don’t manage to get into your property your local locksmith should be able to attend your property within the hour to come and let you in, you can also have the locks changed in the same visit if it is necessary.

Spare Keys

A lot of us tend to hand out a spare key to our property when we go on holiday or are leaving it vacant for any period of time, so have a think back to see if a friend or relative has a spare key to your property, if they do they may well be able to come and let you in. Again, once you’re in your property you can then focus on finding your keys. If you cant locate you keys then it is advised you call out your local locksmith to come and change the locks to ensure that whoever may have found or stolen your key doesn’t have easy access to your property.

Carry ID

If you don’t already, then it is worth carrying some form of ID on you at all times, this way if you do ever find yourself in a situation where you are locked out you will have ID handy to show the locksmith you call out. Most reliable locksmiths will ask to see some sort of ID before letting you into a property, this is simply to make sure that the house they are letting you into does in fact belong to you. If locksmiths never asked for ID then anyone would have easy access to your home by simply just calling out a locksmith to come and let them in, and nobody wants this to be aloud to happen!

Do Research Before Calling a Locksmith

Unfortunately, there are some rouge locksmiths out there that either have not had the proper training or overcharge. It is important you can be sure the locksmith you are calling to gain entry to your property or change the locks is reliable. Its always worth checking the reviews they have on google and social media, it is also worth asking friends and family for recommendations. This way you know that the locksmith attending your property is going to do a good job at a fair price.

If you are locked out and need help gaining entry to your property or if you need the locks changing because you have lost your keys, then contact Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd today – 01405 881646