Crime research has shown a correlation between the seasons and crime rate. House burglaries tend to peak in the warm summer months. This is because thieves know that we tend to take holidays and leave our homes empty for two weeks or more. The summer months are the thieves most favourite and lucrative time of the year. Many lawnmowers, bikes and other expensive equipment are stolen through the summer months, so make sure that your home is secure, especially if you are going on a vacation.



Tips To Keep Your Home And Valuables Secure This Summer


  • Do not advertise to the world that you are going on holiday through social media. Your happy news to friends and family that you are going on vacation and gone for two weeks could fall into the wrong hands and leave you at risk of being a target for thieves. While you are excitedly telling the world that you are on the beach thousands of miles away a burglar could be in your house and know how long they have got before you return. Enjoy your holiday and feel secure by not broadcasting your empty home


  • Ask a friend, neighbour you trust or family member to keep an eye on your house while you are away. Maybe they could cut your grass, pick up your mail, close the blinds or curtains at night and leave a light on to give the impression someone is home. A burglary is less of a risk if it looks like someone is in the home.


  • Do not leave a spare key outside your property whilst away on holidays. Thieves always know where to look to find your spare key so it advised not to leave a spare outside under the plant pot, mat, brick or anywhere else.


  • Put away any valuables somewhere secure and out of sight of the window. Do not leave anything out that will tempt a burglar in


  • Secure garden equipment such as lawnmower, shears and strimmers in the garden shed with a good secure lock. Hide and lock away bikes to prevent the thieves riding off with them.


  • Windows should be shut and locked. Windows that are not locked or without locks are an easy access point for someone wanting to break into your property. We have windows open in the warm weather and forget to close them. Seeing an open window is an invitation to enter to a burglar. Make sure your windows are as secure as your doors.


  • Consider in investing in your home security by making sure all your locks are British Standard BS3621 and are in good working order. If a lock is not as secure as you would like, consider upgrading to a more secure lock. You might want to consider a home security system such as CCTV or house alarms.


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