commercial locks

As a business owner, you know how important it is not only to be insured but to also make sure your policy covers everything you need it to within the business and business premises including commercial locks. However, if your current locks don’t meet your insurers minimum requirements you could find that your current policy is void or may struggle to take out a new policy.

Each insurance provider is different and they all have their own minimum requirements in regards to locks and other security measures that they set to provide a business with cover and anything that doesn’t meet or exceed these guidelines will be excluded from the policy so you could find yourself in a sticky situation should you ever fall victim to a break in while you have substandard locks.

Below our team at Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd have put together a guide on some of the more common standards set by insurers and the penalties involved should you not comply.

Lock Types

Rim Cylinder Locks – With this type of lock the keyhole on the outside of the door connects to the lock on the inside via a cylinder. For these locks to comply with insurers minimum standards they need to either meet or exceed British Standard BS3621. If your rim cylinder lock does not meet BS3621 then it either needs upgrading or have other security measures installed to use alongside it. On wooden doors, it is always a good idea to have a mortice lock fitted to work alongside the rim cylinder lock.

Mortice Locks – These are a fairly complex lock and it is embedded within the door itself, a five-lever mortice lock or higher will comply with BS3621.

Multi-Point Locking System – These locks are more commonly found on uPVC doors. The lock works simultaneously with the turn of a key. To comply with insurers minimum standards the multi-point locking system must have a minimum of three locks.

Business Minimum Security Requirements

If you run your business from a commercial property, then it is likely that your security measures already meet or exceed the minimum requirements set by insurers. In most cases business owners choose to have the maximum security levels they can in order to protect there business premises and assets and equipment, if this is the case for you then again it is likely that your security measures already meet or exceed insurers minimum requirements, however if you have never really looked at your security measures and haven’t put anything in place yourself then it should be a top priority to get a local locksmith to attend the property and assess what can be improved upon, not only to protect your business but also to ensure that you can get insurance cover and claims if you need them.

Each insurer will have their own minimum requirements, with this said almost all insurers will require a business to have BS3621 mortice lock, rim cylinder lock or multi-point locking system at the final exit door. Insurance providers will also want to ensure that your windows are secure so if they don’t currently have locks installed they will defiantly need this resolving ASAP.

If you find that your locks don’t meet insurers minimum requirements or you need help improving the security measures you have in place at your business, then contact Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd today – 01405 881646