Check Your Home Security

No matter where you live in the UK, you still need to be well aware about security in your area. Whether this means installing additional security lighting on entrances or closing and locking windows and doors at night or when the property is left empty. Making sure your house is not an easy target for burglars is vital.

Current research has shown which areas in the UK experience more crime than others and Yorkshire is rated in the middle!  Research has also shown that in the past 12 months, burglars have targeted towns and urban areas the most.

Police figures show that when it comes to the winter months, burglaries are higher and the risk of being broken into increases. Burglars will take full advantage of the darkness so they can target homes and businesses.


Look Out For Anyone Suspicious

Most criminals are opportunists, but a few thieves will case out a property and make a plan of action to perform a break in. Perhaps they might drive or walk up and down your street unnoticed and they will also be studying your routine.

If they do this then they will be having a look at what is inside the property and checking out the security systems you have in place (if any). They could also be looking to see if you leave your keys in the door because if you do, they may be able to reach them through your letterbox.

The best thing to do is do not answer the door to people you do not know, or you are not expecting. More importantly, do not let any unknown persons in your property full stop.


The Effects of Being Burgled

People that have experienced being burgled will tell you that the psychological impact of their home being breached and ransacked is beyond words.  Most victims report a feeling of knowing a stranger has been in their home and has rummaged through all their personal belongings leaves you feeling numb.  And also knowing that you cannot replace items of sentimental value that have been taken is very hurtful.

We as homeowners must do as much as we can to make things harder for criminals.


Take steps to secure your property

Have you thought about how you would feel if your property got burgled?  We at Access Locksmiths are still amazed to see that almost half of the UK housing population have not put any additional security protection in place.

To make sure you do not become a victim of burglary, then you need to take action now. Taking extra steps to protect your home or business can discourage criminals and keep your property and belongings safe.


Intruder alarms

Installing an intruder alarm is an effective way to deter possible burglars, as criminals are always looking for different ways to gain entry to a property. They will always choose a house without an alarm fitted rather than one that does.  Intruder alarms are really effective for scaring off thieves. Also property owners could see a reduction in their insurance premiums by having an alarm fitted.


Security lights and CCTV

Installing security lighting on all entrances and having a CCTV system visible is also a proven deterrent.  These will not only help to discourage burglars, but they will also alert you if someone does attempt to break in.  You can also buy dummy CCTV systems which are an affordable option. Try putting signs or stickers up in visible places that show you have a security system fitted.  It does not matter if your system is real or fake, it should still make a criminal think twice.


Check your locks and upgrade them if needed

Having the right door lock fitted is a key factor of keeping your home secure.  Lock snapping is a technique that thieves are using more and more.  They break or snap the lock and quickly gain access to your property

There are many different types of door lock standards in the UK (TS007 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, BS 3621, BS 8621, BS10621, PAS3621, PAS8621, and SS312 Diamond) to name a few.  But you need to understand about the different standards of locks.  This can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home fully protected and properly secure.


Contact us for advice or to book an appointment

If you have been unlucky enough to go through a burglary, then Access Locksmiths will repair the damage and make sure that your property is secure.  Access Locksmiths can also offer you advice on upgrading your existing door locks and window locks.  Why not give us a call on 01405 881646 and let us help you secure your home.