Client had a PVCu door which had failed to open even though Mr B had the keys.  Our prime objective was to get the door open without causing any damage and expense to the customer, too many so called locksmiths nowadays just use brute force to get the failed door open thus causing more damage and more expense for the customer.  Having invested the latest technology and training, we were able to open the door without causing any further damage to the door.

The problem was with the Multi Point Locking Mechanism, it had failed insomuch as the centre case (gearbox) gears had sheared, due to , lack of lubrication and maintenance over the years and the door had dropped (sagged) away from the hinged side.  This results in misalignment between the hooks, bolts and cams and the orifices in the keep strip in which they should slide with only a little pressure (pressure is required to seal the door to the frame and ensure no draughts are evident between the door and frame)

The centre case to the Multi Point Locking Mechanism was replaced, this being the most cost effective way of repairing the door.

The door and frame were then realigned and the whole workings lubricated with a ‘lubricant’  not WD40!

Mr B was instructed on how to lubricate and test his door for misalignment and readjust his door when needed.