A Typical Christmas Tale

It’s a familiar December emergency for many people. At a works do, or out with friends, perhaps a club’s Christmas celebration – whichever party you happen to be at, and for a lot of us there can be four or five on the schedule, something like this can happen.

It’s the end of the year, drink will be flowing, and there’re always stories afterward of one heroic escapade or another – and sometimes those heroic escapades involve surprisingly empty pockets, forgotten jackets, abandoned purses, or just slippery fingers failing to hold on to a set of keys and dropping them… somewhere… into a mess, into the mud, down the drain, into a thorny bush, long grass, locked in a car…

There are so many ways to lose your keys while a Christmas party’s going on, and there seem to be even more on the way home afterward. But as common an occurrence as it may be, whenever it happens it creates an emergency for someone. And that’s where we come in.

In Case Of Emergency

If this kind of emergency happens to you, have no fear – Access Locksmith operate an emergency service throughout Yorkshire for just this reason. All our locksmiths are all fully qualified and have years of experience. We’ve seen or done it all before, and we’re always ready to help out someone else with the same problem.

No lock and no material is beyond our experience, so we can get you back inside with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency, giving you the chance to rescue your night and turn that emergency into nothing more than a funny story to tell the next time you need a joke at your expense in the office.


There’s no time at which your call wouldn’t be answered at Access Locksmith, because there’s no time when someone needing to be let back into their home isn’t an emergency. We take your comfort seriously, so the quicker we can take your call and get out to you, the better.

Access Locksmith Solutions

There’s no additional fee for a callout and we don’t charge VAT on the essential service of letting you get back into your home. Any locksmith we send out is properly certified and works under our umbrella; we’d never let an unvetted or unqualified locksmith work under our name.

We’re proud of our reputation and of the hard work and high standards that helped us build it, and we won’t throw it away by letting you down when you need us.

Lost Keys Emergencies Resolved Across Yorkshire

Wherever in Yorkshire you happen to be, we have locksmiths nearby ready to answer the call. We’ve all lost keys at one time or another; it’s a little embarrassing but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, you still need to get back indoors, so give us a call. Our emergency line is at 07737 320547, and we’re always ready to take your call..