Locksmiths Leeds were called out to assist employees locked out of offices early Monday morning. A nightmare situation for any business. We arrived at the site within 30 minutes and assessed the situation, the cylinder which controls the door had suffered a slipped cam, where the key turns but does not open the deadlock. This is an easy problem to overcome and within minutes we had gained entry to the offices and the employees were able to start their working day without any further delay.

The customer benefited from having a locksmith with experience in all types of locking fixtures who was able to identify the problem and take immediate action to gain entry to the work place. The deadlock was stripped and was found to be working satisfactorily, the problem was with the cylinder – the slipping of the cam can be caused by trying to insert a key into one side of the cylinder when a key is already in the other side, this centralises the cam and allows free movement of the same. Locksmiths Leeds fitted a cylinder which works with a clutch and allows keys to be inserted from both sides without causing any damage to the cylinder or affecting the operation of the locking fixture.

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