Leeds Locksmiths - Anti Snap CylindersLived on a new build estate in a house with composite doors fitted with ‘Gridlock’ Multi Point Locking mechanisms. Upon arrival to the property, Locksmiths Leeds were told the mechanism had failed with the door locked closed.

Although the customer could use the back door, called us to rectify the problem. These ‘Gridlock’ type Multi Point Locking mechanisms are common in new build properties and years ago when they first started being fitted to doors in our area, we purchased stock to enable us to replace faulty ones immediately instead of having to wait a few days for delivery of replacement.

After Locksmiths Leeds gave further advice to the customer, we also changed the cylinders on all locks in the house to Avocet ABS Break Secure Anti Snap Cylinders.

New build houses are subject to settlement which sometimes misaligns the door and the frame resulting in the owner having to force the handle up when locking the door, this results in the failure of the locking fixture and a locked closed door.

Professional Installation of Anti Snap Cylinders

Period checks of doors should be carried out to ensure the door and frame are aligned satisfactorily otherwise the locks will fail, the adjustments are simple and inexpensive and can save money in the long run.

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