Being a student landlord can sometimes be a lot of hassle. Not being in charge of your own property is difficult enough, but students carry an even higher risk of creating a security problem for your property. We understand the problems that student landlords have faced, having served many students and landlords alike, and we offer plenty of services to help you out.

Replacing Locks When Keys Go Missing

Whether in the hustle and bustle of a busy nightclub, or the absent-mindedness of a lengthy study session at the library, it’s easy for students to misplace their keys and end up losing them. To a student, the first thought is how to get back into the property without a key, but to a student landlord, the first thought is often about an unknown stranger out there with unbridled access to their property. Although many strangers won’t know which house a key belongs to, you can never be sure when a misplaced key might actually lead to a malicious act.

Access Locksmiths are specialists in replacing locks quickly, and we offer a 24 hour service which means we can serve you in any emergency. If your tenants lose their keys and you want to play on the safe side, get in touch with Access Locksmiths now on 07747 320547 and we’ll be there to fix it up in a hurry.

Repairing or Replacing Broken Locks

Of course, misplaced keys aren’t the only reason to replace a lock. Sometimes locks break due to age. Sometimes they break due to a forced entry. In either situation, it’s important to get your lock replaced as soon as possible to make sure that you can keep your property safe. Access Locksmiths can repair a broken lock or even replace it fully, and we can do it as soon as you need it doing, so there’s no worry about what to do in the meantime. Just give us a call on 07747 320547 any time of day or night and we’ll send someone out to fix or replace your broken lock.

Creating New Keys or Master Keys for Multiple Locks

In our experience, student landlords frequently own more than one property, and it can become a hassle to have to look after so many keys. Whether it’s multiple flats in one apartment block, or simply multiple houses in one city, Access Locksmiths can help create a series of locks for which we can also create a master key. This means you can give out separate keys to your tenants without needing so many multiple keys for when you need to access the properties.

To discuss how we can create master keys for your properties, call us now on 07737 320547 and we’ll help you to find a solution, no matter how many properties you manage.

Adding Extra Security to a Student Property

“Prevention is the best form of cure”, which means making sure your property is secure is far superior to trying to fix the problem after the fact. A lock on the door is frequently not enough to keep out a determined robber, but there are security measures you can add that will increase your chances of keeping unwanted strangers out of the home, even when tenants are careless.

These include latches that will automatically lock the door, or electronic security locks. You can fit locks to windows, and of course fix how far out they go to prevent entry even if they are left open. You can add burglar alarms, bolts and extra locks to add extra security when you think you might need it. And there are many more options too.

To find out what Access Locksmiths can do to make your property more secure, call us now on 07747 320547 and we’ll discuss your needs.