Burglars have discovered what the locksmith and hardware industry have known for years. It doesn’t matter how many hook or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the cylinder lock and with this becoming an ever more popular method for burglars to gain entry to your property it is essential that you know the locks on your doors are safe and secure. By far the best prevention in burglaries where lock snapping is present is to make sure your locks feature a “snap secure” technology.
What is lock snapping?

Due to inherent weak points in the door cylinder lock, having little material to give robust strength and the screw fixing enhancing this weakness, using simple tools, a burglar can “snap” the cylinder and gain access to the door mechanism and open the door quickly and quietly.

The Police forces around the Country are aware of the ‘cylinder snapping’ method f gaining entry into someone else’s property, but alone, can do little to prevent such, only clean up after the event.

For a few extra pounds more than a economy standard cylinder, you can install a TS007 3 Star cylinder.  These cylinders make it very difficult for anyone to break through your uPVC or Composite door easily.

We could tell you how the burglars get into your property, but rather keep that between both our two parties, so if you like us to arrange a visit and demonstrate the benefits of superior cylinders, we would be only too pleased to oblige

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