Emergency Locksmiths LeedsFriday 25 January 2013, Sky TV reported that statistics released by the Insurance Companies confirm that Leeds is the UKs number 1 hotspot for burglaries with postcode LS13 and LS17 being number 1 and number seven respectively.

The winter period is usually the worst time of year for burglaries, with the long dark nights giving the thieves more time under cover of darkness to ply their trade with a reduced chance of them being seen and/or caught.

The ‘norm’ nowadays is for the thieves to target homes to acquire keys to vehicles parked outside; this is a result of the vehicle manufacturers improving the security to their products drastically making it extremely difficult for anyone to make off with a vehicle without the correct key (or copy)

The thieves have realised that it is in some cases easier to break into the dwellings to acquire the keys to the vehicles than to attempt to override the locks, alarms and immobilisers fitted as standard to most modern vehicles.

Dwellings with PVCu or other doors controlled by a cylinder are the type mostly targeted by burglars. As reported by the BBC in 2012, the cylinders normally fitted by the suppliers/manufacturers of new PVCu, Composite or similar doors, offer little protection against forced entry by the bad boys.

For less than £100 a quality Break Secure (generic term) to SS312 Diamond Standard or TS007 Three Star Standard, High Security cylinder can be supplied and installed. These quality cylinders offer a greater degree of protection against forced entry through doors, than the standard range. They have a unique appearance which in itself is a deterrent; it is a very rare occurrence indeed for Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd to attend a successful or attempted burglary where these quality cylinders have been fitted.

Unfortunately it is our experience that most homeowners move to have a Break Secure Cylinder fitted, after they have been subject to a burglary where the cost of the remedial works to damaged locks, handles and the doors is far greater than being proactive and having a Break Secure Cylinder fitted before any criminal occurrence.

Other security fittings which offer improved resistance against unwanted entry into our properties include PAS24 Security Handles which are of a more substantial construction and have stronger fixings than standard handles which are normally fitted to PVCu, Composite and similar doors, and the very inexpensive but highly effective Sashjammers which secure doors from the inside offering secondary defence to doors if the cylinders and/or locks are defeated.

Outside lighting and signage are other issues which should be looked at, together with CCTV which is now very high quality and relatively inexpensive.

A’ Beware of the Dog’ sign would make any would be thief think twice about attacking our assets, the risk of being bitten, arousing a noisy dog and alarming the occupants sometimes has the desired influence on the decision for these not so nice people who want our possessions – even if you do not own a dog!

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