Following a burglary, the customer had telephoned a locksmith to visit her premises and repair the damage done by these unscrupulous people.

The locksmith who originally attended replaced like for like euro cylinders and handles, thereby exposing the customers doors to the same sort of attack which resulted in the burglars successfully entering her home and helping themselves to her possessions, which included her BMW car (it is easier for crooks to break into homes and take car keys than ‘hotwire’ cars, which is practically impossible nowadays).

The home owner was unaware that she was still at risk until the Police advised her that she should have installed TS007/SS312 standard euro cylinders and not the economy cylinders which offer little resistance to forced entry.

After making some enquiries, the home owner telephoned the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) who put her in touch with a MLA Approved Company near her, and that was when Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd stepped in.

The original locksmith who visited the property after the burglary and fitted non rated euro cylinders, was not a MLA Approved Company nor a Master Locksmith and had given the home owner spurious advise leaving her exposed.  Access Locksmiths Solutions Ltd fitted AVOCET ABS SS312 cylinders to the customer’s doors after demonstrating the different attributes and anti burglar features.

We are confident that we have fitted one of the best cylinders on the market today.  We are not aware of any successful attempt to bypass these cylinders by any burglar.

The issue of cylinders controlling uPVC or Composite doors has been neglected by authorities since the introduction of the maintenance free uPVC doors.  More steps should be taken to force uPVC manufacturers and installers to fit, as standard, TS007/SS312 standard cylinders.  Also, it is fair to say that the general public are unaware of the dangers they face having economy cylinders fitted, their household goods, beloved cars and who knows what else are at risk, the Government should take meaningful steps to address this issue.  We have taken this issue up with our local MP, together with the regulation of the locksmith industry, we, like the MLA have been waiting for action for years, its about time it was taken.