Conservatory doors are notorious for becoming misaligned and being difficult to close/open, resulting in the failure of the multi point locking mechanism.

If the door is locked closed, there are ways to get the door open with causing any damage, but it takes time and patience.

Once the door was open, the failed component was replaced and the doors were realigned so that the multi point locking mechanism functioned without undue stress on the gearbox.

Most locksmiths overlook the cause of the problem and just replace the broken part, resulting in a short life for the new components and the customer is back to stage one, with a door locked closed which he or she cannot open.

A simple maintenance regime applied to any uPVC or Composite door will result in a longer lifespan of the mechanical parts –

  • Lubricate the Multi Point Locking Mechanism every three months. If you use a spray applied lubricant, please check the canister and ensure that it says ‘Lubricate Lubricant Lubricating’ we say this as one of the most widely used ‘wonder’ spray does not have such qualities and causes more problems than it solves, so please check.
  • When closing the door, push or pull the door closed without pressing the handles down, this allows the latch to engage which in turn aligns all of the hooks, bolts and cams with the keeps they are meant to engage with.
  • The handles should lift with a little resistance towards the top of their arc, this resistance is the cams and chamfered hooks pulling your door onto the seal (no draughts). If there is too much friction (you can tell this as the key will be difficult to turn) then the door has dropped or moved and if not rectified, failure of the multi point locking mechanism will soon follow.
  • Most uPVC doors now have adjustable hinges to facilitate small adjustment with the door. Toe and Heeling is required where excessive dropping or movement of the door is evident. This involves the removal of the door beading and repacking the gaps between the door panel and outer frame – best left to the experts.