Change locks

There are many reasons why you might call for the services of a locksmith, some are a lot more common than others. Below our team at Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd have put together a guide on the most common reasons for people requiring the services of a locksmith so should you ever find yourself in any of these situations you will know what you need to do.

Locked Out – This is the most common reason for people calling out a locksmith. Being locked out of your property is an incredibly stressful experience for anyone, luckily help is never far away. A good local locksmith will be able to help you gain entry to your home without causing any damage to the existing lock or door. If necessary, for extra security they will also be able to change your locks and provide you with a new set of keys in the same visit. It is always worth asking the locksmith on the phone if they can gain entry without causing any damage as there are some rogue locksmiths out there that will just drill the lock in order to charge more money!

Lock Changes and Upgrades – It is a common occurrence for locksmiths to be called out to upgrade peoples existing locks, this is in part due to insurers minimum requirements. If your locks don’t meet or exceed BS3621 or TS007 then insurers won’t be willing to provide you with a policy. Also, if you do have an existing policy and fall victim to a break in and your lock don’t meet these requirements you could find that your insurance policy is void and insurers won’t pay out on any claims.

So, most lock changes are done in order to improve the overall security of the property, another common reason for a lock change or upgrade is when someone moves into a new property. Most people get the locks changed when they move home so they can be safe in the knowledge that only they have a copy of the keys to the property as you can never be sure how many key are actually still in circulation from previous occupants when you move home.

Lock Repairs – Like anything else locks are susceptible to general wear and tear, and over time due to frequent use lock can fail. It is not always necessary to change a lock when it fails, sometimes it can simply be repaired as oppose to changing the lock completely. This is something that your local locksmith will be able to advise you on.

Burglary Damage – Unfortunately burglaries are a common occurrence. What is important to remember when you have had a burglary is to get your home secure once again, this may involve having broken windows boarded up and damaged locks changed. It is also worth having the locks changed even if there has been no damage, this is because a burglar could have taken a copy of a spare key to use at a later date. Also depending on the security level of your existing locks it may be work having a chat with your local locksmith about having more secure locks installed to help protect your property from future break ins.

If you need help with anything mentioned above or would just like help improving the overall security of your home or business, then contact Access Locksmith Solutions Ltd today – 01405 881646